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group exhibitions

May 2006 - the end of March 2007

imagine, yesterday... today

international photographic competition organised by the

Garden Photographer Association -

finalists group show at the 

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew                                              

London is now closed and is currently being moved to

Wakehurst Place Garden 

in West Sussex.

permanent exhibitions

8 works commissioned by Vital Arts, 
the NHS arts programme were installed at the Kenton Lucas Building, St. Bartholomew Hospital, London,
since June 2004http://www.vitalarts.org.uk/site/about.htmlhttp://www.vitalarts.org.uk/site/projects_08.htmlhttp://www.vitalarts.org.uk/site/projects_08.html../eastMIXwest_exhibition/hospital_arts_Kenton.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2

The British Ambassador to Japan's Resident, Tokyo, since March 2006

three touring exhibition organised by

Paintings in Hospitals since 2005


at the West Wing of Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry

at the Swindon Hospital

at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital

SAKURA - Japanese cherry blossoms../eastMIXwest_exhibition/exhibition_SAKURA.html
TOKYO EYES SEQUEL (east) ../eastMIXwest_exhibition/exhibition_TES.html
TOKYO EYES SEQUEL (west) ../eastMIXwest_exhibition/exhibition_TES.html
to see more about this project please click here../eastMIXwest_exhibition/hospital_arts_Kenton.html
hospital arts exhibitions../eastMIXwest_exhibition/hospital_arts.html
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29 April - 5th May 2009
at kenaf atelier 
777 honmura naoshima kagawa  japan

design exhibition