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solo exhibition

 May 2004
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London
took part the RHS "the year of gardening"exhibition_SAKURA.html
2001 - 2002 
Hospital Arts Exhibition by Vital Arts
"TOKYO EYES: east and west”
St. Bartholomew's hospital,London, took part of "Japan 2001" Anglo- Japanese  cultural exchange event.exhibition_TE_2001.html

touring exhibition

three exhibitions (54 photographic works all together)

organised by

Paintings in Hospitals since 2005


at the West Wing of Walsgrave Hospital,

Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust

SAKURA - Japanese cherry blossomsexhibition_SAKURA.html
TOKYO EYES SEQUEL (east) exhibition_TES.html
TOKYO EYES SEQUEL (west) exhibition_TES.html

hospital arts exhibition

at the West Wing of Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry

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the minor injury unit staff room at the St. Bartholomew Hospital

These exhibitions are to show a series of photographic images at the hospital, such as

an entrance hall, waiting rooms and staff room.  As a part of a "Hospital Art" activity,

it is aim to improve the environment for

both patients, visitors and staff through a various art works.

permanent exhibition

2 works installed at the minor injury unit staff room, the St. Bartholomew Hospital London

St. Bartholomew Hospital London,

8 works commissioned by Vital Arts,

the NHS arts programme were installed at the Kenton Lucas Building, since June 2004

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has been travelling the UK and currently

at the Bexleyheath Centre in London